Mandao Returns

Scott Dunn’s ‘MANDAO RETURNS’ Is Now Available On Tubi

Scott Dunn’s sci-fi horror comedy, Mandao Returns, is the sequel to Mandao of the Dead. It is the third feature from Scott Dunn and producer Gina Gomez Dunn. The film was successfully funded via Kickstarter in only 11 days! Filming finished just two days before the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered film productions. It’s been getting solid reviews, and now you can catch it on Tubi TV and various other streaming platforms.

Check out the trailer and read on for all the details!

Mandao Returns Synopsis

Jay Mandao is not your average hero. He’s an astral projecting time traveler who spends his days hanging with his adult nephew Jackson, crashing on his scheming cousin Andy’s couch, and riding with his cabbie friend Fer. In the days leading up to Christmas, Jay tries to make contact with his deceased father Raymond, but ends up contacting the ghost of B-movie star, Aura Garcia. Aura enlists the gang to astral project back in time to prevent her death. As Jay and his friends mess with time, they quickly fall down a rabbit hole of conspiracies, murder, and an insidious Hollywood cult.

Mandao Returns is headlined by Jenny Lorenzo (“Victor and Valentino,” “Gentefied”), Jim O’Doherty (“Third Rock from the Sun,” “Grounded for Life”), Sean Liang (“American Horror Story: 1984”), Scott Dunn, Sean McBride, Gina Gomez Dunn, and Alexandre Chen.

Here’s a look at the official poster art!

Mandao Returns

Mandao Returns is now available to stream on Tubi, Amazon Prime, Google Play, and YouTube movies. Check it out!

Fun stuff! Have you seen the original film, Mandao of the Dead? Are you ready to stream the sequel? Tell us in the comments!

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