Malvolia: the Queen of Screams to Release Season Four!

October can only mean one thing… Halloween will soon be upon us and just around the corner. Harvest days turn into crisp fall evenings where terror is lurking in the shadows… Ready to pounce at any given moment! And one alluring vixen is ready to do just that! The Queen of Screams herself, Malvolia (Creator/Actress Jennifer Nangle), has a lot of tricks, and some treats, within Season Four of her series that will be launching on her YouTube channel on October 13th! Here at PopHorror, we proudly celebrate all things Malvolia.


Don’t be fooled… Malvolia is more than just a horror hostess with the malevolent mostess… Presenting Indie Horror’s finest short films for over three years now, this year is by no means different, though presenting her weekly skits have been changed up a bit. Covid-19 has made this evil mistress think outside Pandora’s box to where humans and ghouls all over the nation have been getting involved! So you’ll be sure to see some familiar and NEW evil faces within the series!

The most recent win last December at Zed Fest Film Festival earned the series FIVE Awards such as: “Outstanding Acting Performance” (Jennifer Nangle), “Outstanding Direction” (Richard Trejo), “Outstanding Ensemble Acting”, and “Outstanding Screen Story” (Jennifer Nangle) for Season Two’s Halloween Special. It also earned Nangle the “Independent Filmmaker Spirit Award”. A high honor of the festival.

What to expect this season?

“2020 has been such a hard year on all of us,” Nangle said during a recent podcast interview. “Lots of life lessons were learned when the blinders were pulled off. I had no idea how to deal with or release a lot of pain and hurt that I was experiencing except through my art. Some of the scripts I’ve written (for the season) are very personal. Lots of limits are being pushed. Breaking free. A lot more blood shed, revenge, and chaos!”

With the season right around the corner, that means the “Fan Favorite” Annual Halloween Special will be right behind it. Nangle brought back Season Two’s director Richard Trejo to not only once again direct, but he stepped in as the director of photography as well.

“Season Two’s Special was so epic. He understood my vision but also gave it an extra flare! I couldn’t think of anyone else to bring to life this year’s personal journey!” Said Nangle.


Series Producers include Jennifer Nangle, Justin Bussell, Auzi Capri, Ross Caudill Jr., Cati Glidewell, Jack Saint Hunter, Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons, Tommy Lentsch, Hannah Koi Prado, Kevin Quezada, Erik Anthony Russo, Hung Van Lam, Thomas Landrith, Robert Bess, Logan A. Hamby, and Rob Mahoney.

So mark your calendars! Get the bloody popcorn ready! Sit back… Try to relax… And prepare yourself for a spooky season!






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