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{Malvolia: the Queen of Screams} Season Four’s Thanksgiving Special: ‘Thanks Killing’

Thanksgiving is a time to get together with friends and family to count your blessings and reflect on things that brought joy and luck to your life throughout the year… However, 2020 has turned the tables and YouTube Horror Hostess Malvolia: the Queen of Screams (Jennifer Nangle) and her ‘family’ members (Charles Chudabala and Reyna M. Velarde) are not showing ANY mercy when preying on their new victims.

This special horror episode was written, directed, and edited by the series creator, Jennifer Nangle and shot by one of the series’ producers, Erik Anthony Russo. It was executive produced by Jennifer Nangle, Justin Bussell, Auzi Capri, Ross Caudill Jr., Cati Glidewell, Jack Saint Hunter, Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons, Tommy Lentsch, Hannah Koi Prado, Kevin Quezada, Erik Anthony Russo, and Hung Van Lam. Jennifer Nangle as Malvolia (10/31) leads the cast which also features many of the indie horror circuit’s rising and veteran talents Johnnie Kay (Death Haze) as Helena, Robbie Dias as Ben (Dinner Time), Ian Neville (The Nation) as Cassie, Linnea Swanson as Abby (Bl4kM4ss), Charles Chudabala as Charles (Ugly Sweater Party), and Reyna Meree Velarde as Kelly (For Jennifer). Introducing Susan Bokobzha as the nosey neighbor Susan.

thanks killing

Synopsis for Thanks Killing

After a rough year, Helena and Ben settle in for an evening filled of drinks and a horror movie after having dinner with family friends. However, like how the year has presented itself, the most unexpected event happens, giving them a night they will never remember…

The holidays just aren’t the same without Malvolia and her gang. This Thanksgiving special was delectable and just what 2020 ordered – a little bit of humor with quite a bit of darkness. This episode plays out like the Manson story with a splash of Thanksgiving cheer. I actually felt bad for some of the characters, but Malvolia wasn’t holding back this year.

thanks killing

All of the performances were top-notch but some of my favorite characters were Kelly played by Reyna Meree Velarde and the nosey neighbor played by Susan Bokobzha. I think they both brought a nice dose of humor in a rather horrid situation. Malvolia played by Jennifer Nangle was delightfully wicked as always.

thanks killing

One of the best things about Malvolia’s episodes, especially the Holiday ones, are the practical effects and makeup. In Thanks Killing, Robert Bravo created the practical SFX and they were exceptional and extra bloody. My favorite kill was probably the gnome one. You’ll have to watch the episode to see what I mean!

Final Thoughts

If you love supporting indie horror and are looking for an extra this Thanksgiving, make sure to check out Thanks Killing and share it with your friends. You can watch it by clicking the episode down below. Enjoy!

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