‘Lycanimator’ Trailer and Poster Drop!

The trailer for the new low budget indie romp Lycanimator from Melting Man Films is here and, let’s just say, fans of micro-budget monster/gore flicks are in for a big treat. With a completely off the wall title which mixes Lycanthrope, the name for werewolf with the cult horror hit title Re-animator, you can tell these folks have their tongues firmly planted in cheek.

Director Sebastien Godin says:

Lycanimator is inspired by classic B-movies from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s to the direct to video SOV splatter movies of the late ’80s and early ’90s and Japanese monster movies like Godzilla and War Of The Gargantuas.”

Updated poster!

The story follows a group of friends who go to an abandoned house for the weekend for the usual debauchery, when they cross paths with a mad scientist and his twisted experiments. One of the friends gets infected with some slimy shit the scientist is brewing up, turning him into a “hungry, lustful beast” as quoted from the synopsis following the trailer.

Lycanimator features Giovanni Lombardo Radice from Lucio Fulci’s City Of The Living Dead doing a voice over in the film. The movie also features effects work by Dustin Mills and Brett Piper, as well as a novel version of the film, which is available for purchase on Amazon. Written and directed by Sebastien Godin and produced by Dustin Hubbard, Lycanimator stars Cayt Feinics from Deathscort Service, Crackbaby Billionaire and Chaos A.D., Briana Wyman, Alberto Giovannelli, Kii Hornick, Toby Johansen, Matthew Scott Kimple and B movie legend Joel D. Wynkoop of Girls Gone Dead, Body In A Dumpster, Always Midnight and House Of Carnage. Check out the trailer and get yourself prepared for the big bad slime wolf!

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