Paul Murphy’s ‘Lowdown Dirty Criminals’ Streaming This November

Dark Sky films announced that the crime adventure/comedy, Lowdown Dirty Criminals, streams on VOD and all major streaming platforms on November 20. The trailer is hilarious!


Synopsis from the press release:

When Freddy loses his job delivering pizza, he and his best buddy Marvin find work with a small time crook, Spiggs. After they botch a straight forward job, Spiggs sends them on a fool’s errand – to kill gangster Donny Kong, who’s been sleeping with Spiggs’ wife. When the wrong guy ends up dead, Freddy and Marvin find themselves crossing paths with someone even scarier than their boss. Uber gangster, The Upholster and her hapless henchmen Semo and Roy. The ensuing chaos escalates into a world of hilarity and violence that’ll threaten their lives and force them to re-evaluate their career choices. A uniquely and distinctly kiwi take on the buddy comedy film. Lowdown Dirty Criminals features rising New Zealand star, James Rolleston in a solidifying performance and as many laugh-out-loud moments as your typical crime caper-turned thrilling heist-turned heartwarming tale of friendship film.

Lowdown Dirty Criminals is written by David Brechin-Smith (The Insider’s Guide to Happiness 2004) and directed by Paul Murphy (Peter Jackson’s King Kong 2005, The Lord of the Rings trilogy)

The cast includes James Rolleston (Boy 2010, The Dead Lands 2014), Samual Astin (Pigs 2016, The Project 2020), Scott Wills (Boogeyman 2005, Pork Pie 2017), Robbie Magasiva (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 2002), Cohen Holloway (Hunt for the Wilderpeople 2016, Eagle vs Shark 2007), and Rebecca Gibney (The Dressmaker 2015, Peter Allen 2015).

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