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Looking for a Good Read? Check Out ‘Cassie Kills’ An Occult Horror Story

If you love a disturbing horror story, Tim Miller has you covered in his new book Cassie Kills. It has elements of I Spit On Your Grave, but mixed with the occult and supernatural. Sound intriguing? Find out more!


Cassie is an awkward girl just trying to fit in. No matter how hard she tries, she always ends up the outcast. In her solitude, she dabbles in the occult where she finds peace and her own sense of power. Some people, however, can’t leave her be. They harass and terrorize Cassie until she takes her own life. That should be the end, but is far from it.

Cassie is intercepted in the afterlife by the Clerics of Dolor who give her another chance. They send her back to earth to seek revenge on those who hurt her, sending her tormentors to the Clerics for the ultimate suffering.

Due to his previous books being banned, there will be a cleaner version of Cassie Kills via Amazon and an Uncut version available through Tim’s website with an alternate cover. The picture of her with the knife is the Amazon cover and the witchy looking one is the other one.The cover model in both photos is enchantingly beautiful Meghan Chadeayne. If you would like to pre-order this book, hHere is the universal Amazon link 

About Tori Danielle

Tori has had a passion for Horror and music ever since she was a little girl. She got bit by the writing bug in high school where she was involved in both the school newspaper and the yearbook. While getting her Bachelors degree, she took Journalism and Creative Writing classes where her passion grew even stronger. Now, in between work and family, she spends all of her spare time indulging in music, Horror movies, and nerdy fandoms, all while running/assisting one of the biggest Horror groups on Facebook and writing for various websites.

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