Lizzie Borden Murder House

‘Lizzie Borden Murder House’ Live Stream Event Announced

The Dark Zone Network recently hosted a live streaming event at the real Conjuring house. It was a big hit! Hot off that major success, the Dark Zone Network team is proud to present a brand new worldwide interactive live streaming event. The subject? Infamous axe murderess Lizzie Borden! The location? The Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts! Sound cool? We think so, too!

Check out the trailer below, then read on for all the details!


The Lizzie Borden Murder House will be a 24-hour, 4-day-long live streaming immersive experience investigating not only the crime in search of answers, but also fully investigating the active haunting and anomalous activity of the location. With guests from television psychic Chris Fleming, to real Scotland Yard Homicide Inspector, Colin Taylor, we and our audience will try and get to the bottom of who really committed the evil acts and why the spirits are still so restless in the Borden House. The show will present never before seen evidence and take a closer look at the four other possible suspects. Who knows, maybe the ghosts will tell us whodunit!

The murder house will be set up with multiple cameras providing the audience with a completely immersive experience. Viewers will be an active part of investigations and all the activities that will be employed to connect with the spirits to uncover the truth. Audience members have a bird’s eye view to seances, Ouija board sessions and other live on-scene investigations and paranormal experiments, while adding their own input in the chat room feature. They’ll also be treated to appearances by some of the most well-known and respected luminaries in the paranormal and crime communities who will pop in remotely to share their most bone chilling experiences, analyses and evidence from the brutal murders.

The Lizzie Borden Murder House offers a global broadcast which gives our worldwide audience the opportunity to interact with each other and to act as remote ghost hunters and crime solvers. The feed runs 24 hours a day, enabling viewers to monitor multiple cameras looking for strange anomalies and share their potential evidence.

Sounds like spooky good fun!

Lizzie Borden Murder House

When And Where?

The 24-hour, 4-day event runs from August 28 – August 31. There will be a free preview, Friday, August 27 at 8pm ET. For full access to the 4-day broadcast, the cost is $19.99. Discounted pre-sale tickets are on sale now. For more information and to watch The Lizzie Borden Murder House live, visit here.

Final Thoughts

Very cool! I love stuff like this. If you pre-order now, it’s just $17.99. Not bad! Sounds like a fun way to spend a late summer weekend.

What do you think? Will you give this Lizzie Borden live stream event a whack? Tell us in the comments!

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