LILITH’S HELL Coming to DVD October 17

Man, this month is like Christmas thanks to Unearthed Films: not only are they unleashing Dreaming Purple Neon on October 17, but they’re also unleashing Lilith’s Hell, starring Ruggero Deodato, on the same day! 

Official synopsis:

Two filmmakers enlist the help of famous Italian director Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust, Jungle Holocaust, House on the Edge of the Park, Cut and Run) to shoot a reality-themed horror film. The chosen location is the hereditary family home of one of the producers. However, it soon becomes apparent that the house is beset with its own horrifying secrets hidden behind the walls. During the shoot, the cast and crew discover secret chambers and evidence of ritualistic ceremonies invoking the spirit of Lilith, she who was cursed by God for disobeying Adam in the Garden of Eden. One by one, her evil spirit possesses the women in the house and their only escape is death. Once unleashed, there is no salvation and nothing can prepare you for Lilith’s Hell!

The trailer is pretty damn creepy and is definitely something I wanna check out as soon as it drops. Plus, Deodato! He’s been one of my favorite directors since I first saw Cannibal Holocaust back in high school, and to see him starring in a movie is absolutely delightful! Plus, Lilith’s Hell is Italian, so that automatically puts it at the top spot on my To Watch list!

Lilith’s Hell will be available on DVD October 17. Pre-orders are available on the Unearthed Films website

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