Lady Street Fighter

‘Lady Street Fighter’ Bashes Her Way To Blu-ray!

Alamo Drafthouse’s American Genre Film Archive is bringing the cult classic Lady Street Fighter to Blu-ray! James Bryan’s 1981 exploitation classic is getting the long overdue deluxe treatment it deserves. This baby looks great and it’s loaded with special features.
Watch the all new AGFA trailer, then read on for all the details!

Lady Street Fighter Blu-ray Press Release

Alamo Drafthouse’s American Genre Film Archive, the largest non-profit genre film archive in the world, is excited to announce an August 14, 2018 release date for Lady Street Fighter on Blu-ray.
She makes the bad guys bleed! Written and produced by exploitation demigod Renee Harmon (Frozen Scream) and directed by the legendary James Bryan (Don’t Go In The Woods), this is the story of Linda (Harmon), a tough-as-nails karate cop on the trail of the ruthless scumbags who murdered her twin sister!
From the outrageous fight scenes to Harmon’s incredible outfits, Lady Street Fighter is a joyous blast of no-holds-barred chaos from one of the most important female filmmakers in genre history. Don’t miss the special appearance by Trace Carradine, the most elusive Carradine brother of all!
“Renee Harmon will now be finally recognized as the low budget genius-in-the-rough that she always was,” said director James Bryan. “Her great day has arrived!”
I love it! Check out this badass new AGFA produced key art!
Lady Street Fighter

Lady Street Fighter Blu-ray Special features Include:

  • New 2K preservation from the only surviving 35mm theatrical print!
  • Commentary track with director James Bryan and the AGFA team!
  • Street fightin’ trailers from the AGFA vaults!
  • Liner notes by Annie Choi of Bleeding Skull!
  • Bonus Movie: Revenge of Lady Street Fighter (1990), the unreleased sequel to Lady Street Fighter — preserved in 2K from the original 35mm camera negative!
  • Reversible cover art!


Final Thoughts

I’m not sure how it’s possible I’ve never seen this, but it’s a life mistake I’m going to correct very soon. You can bet I’ll be getting my copy on August 14!

What do you think? Any Lady Street Fighter fans out there? Will you snag a copy on Blu-ray? Tell us in the comments!

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