Love Horror? Love Comics? Check Out the Kickstarter for Speak No Evil – Issue # 3

If you love horror and comic books, we have the perfect recommendation for you: Speak No Evil. First, how can you not love that name? Speak No Evil is a fun Lovecraftian tale about two teenage brothers facing off against demons from another dimension!

Speak No Evil currently has 2 issues out and they are freaking amazing and everyone should check them out. They’re beginning to work on issue #3 and have created a Kickstarter to help fund their amazing comic series. And we are stoked to tell you more about the story and you can learn more about the project by clicking here –!

Speak No Evil is a story about two teenage brothers, Silas and Edwin, and how they fight monsters from another dimension!

In issue one, we saw H.P. Lovecraft and Nikola Tesla’s otherworldly experiment go horribly wrong, and we followed the boys as they evaded the Murphy gang and made their way to Tesla’s cabin.

In issue two, Nix and his gang caught up to the brothers, and were forced to deal with the horror that is Aathemon. We also met our female protagonist, Effie!

Issue three continues the fight against Aathemon, and also takes a look back at how Nix and Louis became the leaders of the Murphy gang. That storyline parallels what the boys are going through and foreshadows what is to come!

This issue is full of action, horror, and quick-witted dialogue. We feel confident that you will love it!


Beyond the awesome story, Speak No Evil has a wonderful team behind it including Justin Corbett (you can see more of the team on the Kickstarter page). Justin is one of the writers of Speak No Evil, as well as a co-owner of Gray Bear Comics with George Tripsas. He is also the host of Mindfudge Comedy Podcast, and reviews movies over at!

The Kickstarter has several perks and they are reasonably priced starting at $1 and up. Some of the perks include digital and physical copies of the comic book, but there are some pretty big ones as well including executive producer credits. Check it out – – and find which one suits you best!

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