Kevin Smith’s New Horror Anthology ‘KillRoy Was Here’ is Shooting Now

Kevin Smith has a new horror anthology on its way and it’s called KillRoy Was Here. Learn more about his project and how it came about.

killroy was here

In the past, Kevin Smith talked about making a Christmas horror anthology that would center around Krampus. It was to be called Comes the Krampus and then retitled to Ant-Claus, but after Michael Dougherty’s film, he lost interested in creating it. Instead, he decided to keep the basic script, but take out all the Christmas details.

Bloody-Disgusting posted:

“We were gonna make this Krampus movie and then somebody went and made a Krampus movie,” Smith explained over on Facebook Live last night. “Ours was an anthology that played more like Creepshow. Or, to appeal to the modern day kids, Creepshow 2. Or, let’s say, Black Mirror. So yeah, it’s kinda like that. It’s an anthology. So our Krampus movie – which was called Comes the Krampus and then, later on, Anti-Claus – it got shelved. So we decided to re-engineer that dopey script. We turned it into a different movie. We just changed the Krampus character – it’s almost the same script. Took the Christmas elements out of it. Instead, we’re calling it KillRoy Was Here.”

They also stated that the film will feature a long nose monster that is inspired by the “KilRoy Was Here” graffiti that happened during World War II. It will be designed by Robert Kurtzman (Tusk).

According to a Press Release, Kevin Smith stated:

“This is a monster movie in the sense of a classic morality tale. No one wants to see you spill the blood of innocents, but when someone crosses the line and goes bad, you get to make them pay in horrible ways, and the audience cheers. We wanted to make an anthology film in the vein of Creepshow.”

"Nothing can kill the Grimace." I'm in #florida shooting #KillRoyWasHere – a horror anthology flick along the lines of…

Posted by Kevin Smith on Friday, June 16, 2017

Smith is currently shooting in Sarasota, Florida and has partnered with Ringling College of Art Design. 26 students are working on KillRoy Was Here, which is pretty freaking awesome! Are you guys looking forward to this project? Let us know!

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