Kane Hodder’s Newest Project, ‘Knifecorp,’ is Filming Now

Kane Hodder has a lot of machetes in the fire. Between spending time with fans and film projects, he’s pretty hard to keep up with. One of his more unique pending films is Zach Zorba Grashin’s Knifecorp. The poster art and some of the very first stills have been released. Check them out!

When a high school kid named Wally Banks (Austin Kulman) lands an already hazardous gig of selling knives door to door, bad timing kicks in when he stops at Angus Finn’s (Kane Hodder) house. Wally finds himself trapped in the house and soon discovers that Angus has a dark secret. Kane Hodder always brings intensity and a larger than life presence. The originality of the concept, Kane being on board as the heavy, and including Sleepaway Camp’s Felissa Rose in the cast make Knifecorp worth taking a stab at.

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Parents who were not film savvy and completely unprepared for choosing child appropriate viewing material were the catalyst that fueled my lifelong love affair with horror, exploitation, blaxploitation, low budget action, and pretty much anything that had to be turned off when my grandparents visited. I turned out okay for the most part, so how bad could all these films actually be?

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