Kaiju Film ‘Reigo: King of the Sea Monsters’ Is Coming Soon To Blu-Ray And DVD

Coming soon to Blu-ray and DVD from SRS Cinema (Bad CGI Sharks 2019 – read our review here) and director Shinpei Hayashiya (Gamera 4: Shinjitsu 2003) is an incredible, new, giant kaiju monster film called Reigo: King of the Sea Monsters (AKA Reigo: the Deep Sea Monster vs. the Battle Ship Yamato or Reigo: Giant Kaiju Monster). The film stars Yukijiro Hotaru (The Great Buddha Arrival), Miyu Oriyama (Shinkaiju Raiga 2009), and Mao Urata (Kamen Rider Zi-O 2018). The film will be released on limited edition Blu-ray on July 25, 2019 and have a wider DVD release on November 25, 2019.


The battleship Yamato, the largest and strongest of its time, is on patrol when a lookout spots a massive shape half-submerged in the distance. Believing it to be an enemy submarine, they fire and score a direct hit. But they are shocked when the object emits a strange cry as it sinks beneath the waves.

Soon after, something much bigger arrives, the massive kaiju Reigo, seething with rage at the murder of its cub. The monster attacks the Combined Fleet with incredible ferocity and awesome destructive power. The naval forces are caught off guard, and Reigo is able to destroy the escort ships and damage the Yamato before returning to the ocean depths.

Now the stage is set for a final battle to unfold between the world’s largest battleship and the mysterious dragon-like monster – who will prevail?

Check out the amazing trailer below:

Reigo: King of the Sea Monsters 

Are you planning on checking out this kaiju monster film like I am? Let us know in the comments below!

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