Fright Rags Blair Witch Project Collection
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JOOOOOOSH!!!: The Fright Rags ‘Blair Witch Project’ Collection

I will fight anyone and everyone to the death to argue that The Blair Witch Project is one of the best horror movies, if not one of the best movies, of all time. It was perfect in its simplicity and changed the face of found footage horror forever. Because I have such a dedicated love and respect for it, I have quite the collection of Blair Witch Project merch like my lamp from Nancy’s Jars, VHS boxes and stick men. But what I didn’t have were shirts to wear my appreciation, but NO MORE. That’s right, babies, Fright Rags (check out our Creepshow Fright Rags unboxing!) has a Blair Witch Project collection, and you KNOW that I had to snag some of that good good. In fact, as I write this, I’m wearing it and watching the movie on Blu-ray.

The Fright Rags Blair Witch Project Collection features four shirt designs and an enamel pin. I am a big fan of long sleeves, even in the summer. I tend to wear long sleeves, crew necks and hoodies with shorts, and I have more t-shirts than I can ever ask for, so I was on the hunt for long sleeves. Boy, did they deliver!

Fright Rags Blair Witch Project collection
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Firstly, this is my “showing my sleeves” pose, which also happens to be the same as my “I’m not wearing makeup” pose. Look at me multitasking.

My favorite design was their long sleeve which features red stick men all the way down both arms. It’s that kind of extra that I really appreciate. Not only that, but the design on the front has the text from the beginning of the film and resembles a movie poster. The shirt quality is incredible, and the sizing is true. The sleeves are long, as is the length of the shirt, which is great for people like me who exist as walking torsos. All in all, this is my dream shirt with artwork by Cody Brown, and I’ll love it forever. Get yours for $38. Oh, and I bought this shirt myself with my own money because I am a hopeless superfan.

Fright Rags Blair Witch Project Collection
Image courtesy of Fright Rags

My next favorite design in the Fright Rags Blair Witch Project Collection is their pulp novel design. While the sleeves are short (DAMN YOU!), the design reminds me of the mystery novels that I read as a kid. I love how different it is from all of the other designs, and that is courtesy of artist Yannick Bouchard. I wish this came in long sleeves, but it is cool regardless. The other two designs by Mr. Black and Justin Osbourn are the more classic Blair Witch Project with the images of the woods, the title card and the three students. Don’t get me wrong, both are awesome and tickle my Blair Witch Project lovin’ fancy, but I am more partial to long sleeves and the pulp novel design. All three t-shirts are $28!

Fright Rags Blair Witch collection
Image courtesy of Fright Rags

And finally, the Fright Rags Blair Witch Project Collection enables my enamel pin addiction. I am seriously considering snagging one of these babies for myself. In fact, it’s already in my cart. This beauty is a pin of the Burkittsville, MD welcome sign, the same one that was stolen on several occasions, thanks to this film. I think it was eventually removed. No need to thieve when you can wear it right on your lapel. This pin is $12!

I am a firm believer in the quality of Fright Rags’ products, and I’m not being paid to say that. While I had only experienced their mini masks in the past, this was my first shirt from them, and it has immediately become one of my most worn and most comfortable items of clothing. I believe if you enter your email on their site, you can snag a wee discount code for your purchase. While the Blair Witch Project Collection isn’t the only one on their site, in my fangirl opinion, it’s the best! Check it out HERE.

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