Johnny Hickey’s ‘Habitual’ Coming Soon To Theaters And VOD

Coming soon to theater and VOD is a new psychological horror film by director Johnny Hickey (Oxy-Morons) called HabitualThe film stars Chris “CT” Tamburello (The Challenge TV series), Emilee Fitzpatrick (The Real World TV series), Anthony Hoang (The Trees Have Eyes), Sabrina Kennedy (The Real World TV series), and Jaylee Hickey. The film will be available on November 13, 2020.


A fistful of drug-popping ravers take a heavy dose of something new and unusual that leads to a hellish trip to an underground rave party called Habit at an abandoned asylum in Salem, Massachusetts. Dancing and getting wasted all night drastically morphs into chaotic hallucinations; as the plot unfolds, the characters fall deeper into a metaphorical, mind-bending hole. The Habit’s walls, halls, and stairwells spell captivity for the young partygoers, who eventually spiral into horrifying paradoxes, blurring the line between nightmares and reality.

Check out the trailer below:

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