Jim Wynorski Returns to Roots With ‘Orville In Orbit: Sorority Space Massacre’

Jim Wynorski and Dustin Ferguson are both extremely prolific film directors. Wynorski has a staggering 104 credits on IMDb while Ferguson has an impressive 40 credits in his 7 year career. In Wynorski latest project, Orville In Orbit: Sorority Space Massacre, he teams up with co-director Dustin Ferguson and brings back fan favorite character Orville Ketchum from Sorority House Massacre 2 and Hard To Die in a project fans have been begging to see for years.

Orville In Orbit: Sorority Space Massacre is being directed by Jim Wynorski (Sorority House Massacre 2 1990, Hard To Die 1990) and Dustin Ferguson (Meathook Massacre 2 2017) from a script by Mike Reeb. The film will be based on a story by Ferguson and Wynorski and is expected to start filming in July. So far, cast members include Deborah Dutch (Hard To Die 1990) reprising her role as Jackie, Melissa Moore (Sorority House Massacre 2 1990), Gail Harris nee Thackray (Sorority House Massacre 2 1990) and Peter Spellos returning as Orville Ketchum. The plot will center on Orville and his final battle with the Hockstatter … in space. The score is being provided by Chuck Cirino who previously handled the music for Sorority Massacre 2 and Hard To Die.

Hopefully this project will lead to Sorority House Massacre 2 and Hard To Die being re-released, as I unfortunately haven’t seen them as they are out of print. Are you excited for Wynorski’s return to the slasher film and the return of Orville Ketchum with Orville In Orbit: Sorority Space Massacre?  Let us know in the comments.

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