Jeffrey Combs Voices Edgar Allan Poe In ‘Alone: The Life Of Poe’

All horror has always been elevated horror to me in some way. There’s always facets or nuances to love, no matter how bloody and outlandish it is. Some actors bring an almost Shakespearean quality to their work in the genre, and Jeffrey Combs is one of them. A real gentleman of horror, Combs has an air of refinement and gravitas that may mask something tortured or sinister beneath. He’s the epitome of still waters running deep. All of those things make him a very excellent choice to play another horror gentleman, Edgar Allan Poe.

Jeffrey Combs portrayed Edgar Allen Poe in the live action stage play, Nevermore.

Combs is well acquainted with playing the brilliant but tortured writer. He did an impressive turn in the season 2 Masters of Horror segment, “The Black Cat,” as well as in the stage play, Nevermore.

We just found out that he’s heading up an all star cast of voices in a 10-hour audio drama that examines the troubled, interesting life and mysterious death of Edgar Allan Poe. Alone: The Life of Poe is acquiring funding now through IndieGoGo and is set to begin production in spring of 2019.


The Life of Poe chronicles the tragic life of one of America’s favorite and most influential writers, from his birth in Boston in 1809 to traveling actors, to his mysterious death in Baltimore in 1849.

Additional voice talents include: Scream Queen Brinke Stevens (The Slumber Party Massacre 1982) and Troma Angel Debbie Rochon, as well as Lana Wood (as Maria Clemm), Mackenzie Menter (as Virginia), featuring Paul Day Clemens,  and many others voicing a character list of 200 roles. Mark Redfield writes, directs, and produces. Jennifer Rouse is the composer and sound designer.

Stay tuned to PopHorror for more info on this fantastic yet bittersweet audio drama.

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