Invader Zim Returns To Nikelodeon With A New Movie

Invader Zim is returning to Nikelodeon with a new ninety minute movie. The classic cartoon was created by Jhonen Vasquez, who also happens to be working on the movie. The show premiered in 2001 and was canceled shortly after in 2002. There were a number of episodes from season two did not initially air on TV. These episodes were released on DVD in 2004.

Invader Zim is about alien Zim from planet Irk. He sets off to invade Earth and enslave the human race. He and his robot, GIR, land here on the planet and start making plans to take over the world. Zim’s nemesis, the human paranormal investigator Dib, thwarts his plans to over and over again. Invader Zim was to made to cater to an older audience  in the eleven to fifteen year old range. The show attained a cult following due to its humor, popularity and subsequent cancellation. Invader Zim was critically acclaimed as it won an Annie Award, an Emmy and a World Animation Celebration Award in its short one year run. The show continued on in comics published by Oni Press in 2015 and are still published today.

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The new movie will see the return of Richard Horvitz (Zim), Rikke Simmons (GIR), Andy Berman (Dib) and Melissa Fahn (Gaz). At this time, there is no release date and no specifics on the plot of the movie. The only storyline information provided is that Zim has come up with “a new and potentially Earth-destroying plan.” So start the Doom Song singalong and get some tacos, because Invader Zim is back.

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