Interview with James Mark, Director Behind New Sci-Fi Film ‘Enhanced’

I recently had a chance to chat with James Mark about his new sci-fi feature, Enhanced. Learn about how he got involved in the filmmaking business, his career as a stuntman, the inspiration behind his new film, and more!


PopHorror – Thanks for talking with me. How is your 2021 treating you so far?

James Mark – Thanks for having me! 2021 has been an interesting year. Like everyone my family and I have been navigating the COVID lifestyle while I continue to try and make films and adjust to the restrictions.

PopHorror – I bet. What inspired you to get into the filmmaking business?

James Mark – I’ve always had an interest in film, specifically action movies. Growing up, my brother and I watched countless martial arts films, idolizing the likes of Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Donnie Yen. This eventually motivated us to learn martial arts ourselves but I don’t think either of us ever imagined we would end up making a career out of our two passions.

PopHorror – I see that you’ve done a lot of stunts in your career. I don’t think I’ve ever really interviewed anyone who’s been a stuntman. What is that experience like?

James Mark – I worked in stunts for about 15 years, primarily doing martial arts action scenes and wire gags. I was a gymnast growing up so it was a natural fit. Being a stuntman is an exciting career, I had a strong passion for it until getting the itch to work behind the scenes more and create. I’ve been blessed to work for some prominent stunt coordinators during my career and those experiences have helped me in directing. Now here in Toronto Chris and I work within a team called Team 2X and together we create the action for our own films.

PopHorror – That’s exciting! You also just directed a new feature called Enhanced. Can you tell us what that’s about?

James Mark – Enhanced is a sci-fi action thriller set in the modern-day. It’s a classic action tale with a few fun twists and a lot of fight scenes!

PopHorror – What was the inspiration behind this film?

James Mark – We wanted to create something within the world of my first film Kill Order, but without it being a direct sequel. Also, we thought it would be fun to put Chris in the role of the villain. My writing partner and I (Matt Nayman) came up with the idea to have an “Enhanced” in a situation where she needed to team up with the person pursuing her.

PopHorror – How did the casting process come about? Everyone was great!

James Mark – George is a close friend of mine and the role was written for him. The same goes for Chris. Alanna we simply got lucky as she auditioned for the role. She was the perfect fit. Great actor. Right mentality and willing to train for her action scenes. We really lucked out. Patrick (who plays Joseph) is also a friend in the community and we were fortunate enough to have him come play and the same goes with Adrian and Elvis.

PopHorror – Any favorite scenes?

James Mark – Would have to be the winter forest fight! However, I doubt the crew would agree because it was very very cold!

PopHorror – That is a great scene! Do you enjoy other films with mutant/superhero power movies like X-men or The Umbrella Academy? And if so, who is your favorite X-men?

James Mark – Yes, I love superhero movies but even more so Japanese Anime superheroes. If I had to pick one favorite X-Men it would be a toss-up between Nightcrawler and Wolverine.

PopHorror – Great choices. I’ll need to look more into Japanese Anime superheroes! Anything else you’d like to talk about? Other upcoming projects?

James Mark – I’m currently filming a psychological sci-fi thriller called Control. George Tchortov is working with me again, co-starring with Sara Mitich from Star Trek Discovery. We are feeling really good about it so far and think it has some promise!

PopHorror – Thanks again for chatting with me! Enhanced is now available On Demand!

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