Interview with ‘Assassinaut’ Director, Drew Bolduc

We got a chance to talk with Drew Bolduc, the director of DREAD’s new film Assassinaut (read our review – here). Learn more about his career, the inspiration behind the film, casting process, and more!


PopHorror – Thanks for talking with me, Drew. What inspired you to get involved in the film industry and become a director?

Drew Bolduc – I originally just wanted to be a comedy writer. I didn’t know how to do that, so I just started making my own movies to be able to write stuff. I slowly became less interested in being funny. I think what I really fell in love with was editing. I love post-production the most and being behind a computer. I don’t really define myself as a director a lot of the time, but I like it a lot when I do it.

PopHorror – That’s awesome. What’s your earliest memory of watching a film that made you fall in love cinema?

Drew Bolduc – I remember being terrified of the guy who disintegrates at the end of The Last Crusade after drinking the false grail. When you are young, the barrier between reality and what’s on-screen is almost non-existent. The terror is real. You have to learn to not be afraid of the images you see on screen and disconnect from them, but I think we should be horrified of images and symbols in media. They hold a huge power over people’s minds and reality.

PopHorror – I love that scene and I couldn’t agree more. What was the first film you worked on?

Drew Bolduc – There was a 40 min movie I made. It was sort of a fake Christian movie you might see on TBN, but it was never really released. I don’t really want it to be, honestly, but it was my first attempt at doing longer-form comedy and I learned a lot.

Drew Bolduc Assassinaut (2019)

PopHorror – Can you tell the readers what Assassinaut is about?

Drew Bolduc – It’s a coming of age story mostly. A team of four teenage astronauts, brave the alien wilderness of a distant planet to save the Earth’s President from a deadly assassin. It’s also about the conflict between an older and younger generation. That’s probably the main theme for me.

PopHorror – I really enjoyed this film. What inspired you to make it?

Drew Bolduc – We started it a long time ago so it’s hard to remember exactly, but there were a lot of images I wanted to see. It started as more of a Power Rangers type campy project, but as it went I became less interested in those aspects. It all became darker and more serious and the look changed. I moved away from irony. I didn’t want to keep making cheap exploitation. Everyone is doing it and most of it isn’t challenging or transgressive whatsoever.

PopHorror – How did the casting process come about?

Drew Bolduc – We worked with a local casting director and they posted an ad on Backstage so we had people audition from out-of-state. It was video auditions for a lot of people. Casting is really important for younger actors and their parents are a really important part of working with younger actors. You have to factor them in too.

Drew Bolduc Assassinaut (2019)
PopHorror – That’s true! Any favorite scenes?

Drew Bolduc – I like the long beach scene where the Commander talks to the kids. I love how it plays out and that scene is what the movie is all about. I also like the alien dissection stuff a ton.

PopHorror – Yeah, same here! Any upcoming projects?

Drew Bolduc – I’m currently working on a really cool animated TV show as a digital compositor. It hasn’t been announced yet, so I can’t really talk that much about it, but it’s really good. I’ll definitely direct something else in the future.

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