Indiegogo Fundraising Info For Horror Comedy ‘Crust’

Have you ever wanted to be part of a movie? What better time then now? The very talented Sean Whalen (The People Under the Stairs 1991) and the ever so stunning Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp 1983) have partnered up to create a horror comedy called Crust, and you can help make it happen! Along with these two, some other names in horror and comedy Scout Taylor-Compton (Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2007) and director Aaron Mento (Ugly Sweater Party 2016) are involved with Crust. They just launched their Indiegogo Fundraiser on February 14th, 2017, and they have some pretty cool things that you get if you contribute. But you’d better hurry up and claim them before someone else does, including e-mail updates, signed movie posters, a personal shout out from Sean or Felissa, or, if you have the cash on hand, you can party with the crew of Crust! I’d be down for that! Those are just some of the things that are involved in the campaign – plus a ton more! Take a look for yourself and snatch up what reward you want. The link is below.

Check out Crust‘s Indiegogo Campaign Here

The above is image is the very first image from the film. Recognize that profile? The movie is about a down on his luck former child star who has a killer sock named Crust. A killer freaking sock! That alone just screams to me that I need to be part of this film. Here are the top five reasons you should donate to this movie:

1.) Crust already has a killer cast, starring three huge horror icons – one from each of the past three decades. Come on, what more do you want out of a horror movie cast?

2.) This is a huge passion project for Sean and Felissa. If you follow them at all, then you know how loyal they are to their fans. It’s time to give back some of the love that they show everyday and what better way to do it then to join them on this adventure.

3.) One of the most highly anticipated horror comedy movies coming out this year is Ugly Sweater Party. Crust has the same director – Aaron Mento  – so you know it’s going to be a bloody good time!

4.) This is not just a horror movie – it’s a horror comedy. It’s about a killer sock! Who wouldn’t want to see that? So, if you like your horror with a comedy edge, then this is probably right up your ally.

5.) The contributions and perks are amazing and reasonable. They start as low as 5 dollars…Think about it – you can brag that you contributed to a film – one that is sure to gain cult following – for just $5!

You can find all of the images used in this article at @CrustMovie, and even more on Facebook. If you can’t donate, share this article so that the word can spread and we can help this amazing cast and crew get the funding they need to make Crust the best movie it can be. Be sure to stay tuned to PopHorror for future Crust movie information. Don’t be a sock now!

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