Indie Horror Film ‘Batsh!t’ Needs Your Help On GoFundMe!

Writer, director, and horror fiend Todd Wolfson needs your help getting his over the top film made. If he reaches his funding goal, his “totally batshit crazy” feature film, Batsh!t, will go from dream to reality. Here’s where you come in. Todd needs your help funding Batsh!t on GoFundMe. He’s off to a great start, and his campaign is trending. Can you help Todd and his Pittsburgh-based Just Buried Productions bring the project to fruition?

Read on for all the details!

Batsh!t Synopsis

Here is the question. What would happen if you took a pill that you thought was your regular prescription but was instead a major league, high-octane, power packed, hallucinogenic capable of sending you on the bender of a lifetime? In Batsh!t, through Felix, we learn the answer.

Felix is just an ordinary guy living an ordinary life who is just as down on his luck as anybody else. He lost his job a few weeks ago, and he has been feeling pretty low down. He goes to get his prescription filled, but for reasons we can’t explain here, he pops exactly the wrong pill.

Sounds pretty cool, eh?


The GoFundMe Campaign features donation levels of $5 to $500. Every little bit helps. Wolfson and his crew hope to create a cult classic on par with The Evil Dead. That’s a worthy goal! So, why should you donate? Well, let me tell you…

By donating to my first full feature film Batsh!t, you will be helping us out in a GIGANTIC way! We will be able to have some wicked awesome Special Effects, Make-Up, Props, Sound, a kick ass Editor and, of course, food to fill our bellies! All of these special ingredients combined are what we need to make a truly awesome Cult film, and we cannot do that without your support!

Todd cites Kevin Smith, John Carpenter, Sam Raimi, Tim Burton, and Wes Craven as his inspirations. Those are some great footsteps to follow in! I think this project is in good hands. Head on over to the GoFundMe Page and check them out on Facebook, too!

What if it was you? What would happen if you took the wrong pill? Would you go Batsh!t? Tell us in the comments!

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