Los Angeles Indie Film ‘Scythe’ Gains Traction!

The world of independent horror is a large and thriving place, home to a vast community of directors, actors, and effects artists. In Los Angeles especially, there is an impressive array of different studios and filmmakers who carry the passion of independent film.

One such director, Jim Rothman, has begun production on a new horror film, Scythe, which will be funded through a Kickstarter campaign starting on April 5th. The film’s press release states, “Jim’s film will modernize the slasher genre and have a human-interest, dramatic element that takes the time to focus on developing three-dimensional characters that ‘actually have lives, that we actually care about.’ Painstaking research was utilized to avoid the annoying, eye-rolling horror film cliques the slasher genre is known for.”

We were given the opportunity to check out a fifteen minute excerpt from the film, which was teased along with the Kickstarter campaign at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival. From what we can tell based on the teaser, this is certainly a horror film that takes its time in setting up characters and suspense; there’s clearly been a lot of care and effort put in to build suspense, paying a definite homage to Halloween and Friday the 13th with its choice of cinematography. The original score by Tim Beck is perfect for the occasion, as well.

The characters that we’re introduced to, as well, are definitely relatable; they’re not the sex-obsessed, absent-minded teens of the early 80’s. These are victims in a modern age and time, and while they both fit the classic teenage-female-in-a-horror-film category, the pair that we see come across as refreshingly collected and mindful, despite the normal stereotypes. The actresses that portray them are great, with Andrea Muller’s wide-eyed protagonist being especially compelling.

Scythe’s director, Jim Rothman, has already made a bit of a name for himself in the short film world, having several films to his name (I’m Not Matt Damon and Minutes, the latter of which won Best Screenplay and Best Actor at the 2015 Beverly Hills Shorts Festival, and was similarly funded by a Kickstarter campaign).

You can support Scythe by checking out their Facebook page and Kickstarter campaign which starts on APRIL 5th,, and on April 8th, it will be screening at the 40th Cleveland International Film Festival. Until then, we’ll keep you posted as more news is released!

About Seth Hansen

Seth is a writer and musician living in Los Angeles. When not explaining to strangers why John Carpenter's The Thing is the greatest horror movie ever made (trust me, it is), he's usually playing violin or hanging out in record store clearance sections. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook!

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