Bill Moseley in The Church

Indican Pictures Delivers Salvation with ‘The Church’

The Church is an indie horror thriller that everyone will want to check out! It has a killer cast and crew and a fun storyline. The film is already available on digital platforms, but will be getting a new DVD release this August! Check out the poster and trailer down below.

From director and writer Dom Frank. The film stars Bill Moseley, Ashley C. Williams, Clint Howard, Lisa Wilcox, Holly Zuelle, Deitra Leak, Joe Barlam, Victoria Gates, and Vito Lograsso.

“This church is being sold and God is not happy.”

The Church poster

Synopsis for The Church

When a pastor (Moseley) is tempted by money, a real estate developer moves into these holy grounds. But. something is not right and some of these characters will pay for their sins, in this exciting release.

The central story sets up a small community church for demolition. But, this structure will not go down without a fight. Infused with the Holy Spirit, this structure utilizes the seven deadly sins on those who want to destroy it. A pastor prays for divine intervention. And, this is one building that has God’s backing.

The Church has already released on Digital formats, in early July. On July 16th, the film has shown in several theatres, across the United States. The film was originally released on DVD earlier this year, however, Indican Pictures will expand the release to more retail outlets this August 6th!

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