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Independent Media Studio MiLa Media Announces Open Submissions

Independent media studio MiLa Media announced today an open submission for screenwriters to submit screenplays for potential production and development deals. The company is seeking a variety of different projects for their film divisions; MiLa Dark and MiLa Studios.

  • MiLa Dark is only accepting submissions of feature films in the horror genre which can be produced at a micro-budget level.
  • MiLa Studios is accepting submissions for medium to low budget feature films in all genres.

Screenwriters submit their projects by using a secured website. The writers retain the rights to their submitted projects and have the opportunity to have their projects reviewed by MiLa Media’s team with the intention of collaboration. Those that are chosen will sign a production and/or a development deal.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide this opportunity for young and experienced filmmakers alike,” said Tal Lazar, Co-Founder and CEO of MiLa Media. “As an educator for the past 10 years I am very familiar with the challenges independent filmmakers are facing daily, and we have set out to open the door to the industry for those who often find it closed.  It is a difficult time for young screenwriters to start a career, and many writers have great ideas. We want to listen to them, develop them together with the writers and make them a reality.”

Submissions are now open on MiLa Media’s website and can be found at https://www.mila-media.com/submissions.

MiLa Dark wrapped production of THE UNBORN, the first film to be found on the company’s submission website. It plans to produce 11 additional micro-budget films to be released in theaters on Video on Demand by 2022. THE UNBORN is directed by Tal Lazar and stars Manni L. Perez. MiLa Dark also produced EVERY TIME I DIE, directed by Robi Michael and starring Drew Fonteiro and Marc Menchaca, which will be released by Gravitas Ventures in theaters and On Demand on Friday, August 9th.

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