August HorrorPack Limited Edition Blu-ray #50

HorrorPack Celebrates Massive Milestone With August 2020 Pack

Let’s face it, finding things to be excited about during this pandemic can be challenging. But not everything has to be negative in The New Normal. Atlanta-based horror staple HorrorPack has much to be proud of, as they’ll be reaching their 5 year anniversary this September. That means some very thrilling happenings reaching subscriber’s mailboxes with the August 2020 pack.

For the uninitiated, HorrorPack is a monthly horror subscription service that’s actually perfect for physical media lovers during the Covid catastrophe. Subscribers have a fresh batch of surprise, brand-spanking new horror DVDs or Blu-rays delivered to their doorsteps each and every month. No social interaction or leaving the house required. Blu-ray subscribers have always gotten the royal treatment though, as every month’s pack contains one HorrorPack exclusive. These numbered limited editions are titles that have rarely, if ever, gotten the Blu-ray treatment anywhere else, or are movies completely exclusive to HP. Founders Chris Ethridge and Diego Kirsch have always worked tirelessly to bring subscribers the best bang for their bucks.

HorrorPack Horror Movie Subscription Box

Besides being the precursor to their September anniversary, August also marks HorrorPack exclusive #50. They really wanted to go the extra mile for this mystery milestone movie. As usual, the name is kept tightly under wraps, but here’s what we do know. The movie has never been previously released in North America, and stars the legendary Tony Todd (Candyman, Final Destination). Each disc will be personally signed by the director.

The cutoff to get in on the August pack is August 15th, so if you are interested, time is of the essence. A subscription for the Blu-ray plan is $24.99 per month, and that gets you 4 mystery titles, including the monthly limited edition. The DVD plan gets you 4 DVDs, and that runs $19.99 a month. Both formats have multi-month deals that can save you some serious cheddar. And while it’s primarily US based, they can ship internationally for an additional cost. You can sign up right now at HorrorPack’s website.

For physical media lovers and collectors, you truly can’t go wrong with HorrorPack, they are the premier horror movie box subscription service. And if you’ve hesitated in the past, this month really is the perfect time to get on board! There are some other big projects and happenings down the road for HorrorPack, but we’ll keep you in suspense a little longer on those for now. But as soon as we can spill the beans, PopHorror will pass those details along to you. Stay tuned for all that exciting news, but for now, go sign up for that August pack while you still can! To keep up with any additional HorrorPack happenings, check out their social medias at the links below.




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