Horror Movie and Halloween Inspired Bath Bombs!

Child’s Play is a horror movie franchise that began in the late 80’s and continued throughout the 1990’s. The movie centers around a “Good Guy” doll named Chucky that has been possessed by a soul of a serial killer. Who can forget the infamous line, “Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna play? ” There is quite a bit of merchandise relating to this movie. T-Shirts, Dolls, Funko Pop!.  Now there is a new piece of merchandise you can own. Bath bombs are the latest craze and now you can own a Chucky bath bomb!

For the horror-loving bath bomb aficionados, awesome news. There is a California-based Indie beauty company who is currently developing 1990’s horror inspired bath bombs. Loquita Bath and Body is developing some scary bath bombs! The company, who has been featured on Buzzfeed and Hello Giggles, is the creator of the first and original “Concha” bath bomb.

When the Uniconcha has it's own aura ? #concha #uniconcha #shoplatinx #latinx #mexican #pandulce #bathbombs

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Mira Perez is the owner of this shop. She has been combining Mexican foods with pop-culture She has announced this month, she is introducing a 1990’s pop culture items that will include everything from Lisa Frank to Jurassic Park. She has also included horror inspired bath bombs! Here is the Chucky bath bomb:

 Here is Nancy from The Craft inspired bath bomb. It spits out a scorpion, just like the movie!
Additionally, she recently announced Halloween inspired bath bomb buckets! They will be releasing the 29th of this month!  Pumpkin brains with a pumpkin cupcake scent.  Zombie brain in the black skull with a sangria scent. Brains in the white skull with a sugary lollipop scent.

She has other bath and beauty options as well. Sugar scrubs, face scrubs,  soaps, mani/pedi bombs, lip scrubs and balms. She even has some really cool pins for purchase.

90’s Starter Pins- $5.00 each.
This site has so many goodies to try! I am looking forward to purchasing my first bath bomb.  Here is the perfect gift for a horror fan in your life who has it all. You may view and purchase from her shop here. You may follow her Instagram as well and keep up with her new products. Like her Facebook page. This is cool right? Let us see your purchases here at PopHorror.


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