Ho, Ho, Ho: Exclusive Clip for Christmas Horror ‘SLAYED’ From Terror Films

TERROR FILMS is set to release Jim Klock’s Christmas themed horror film SLAYED, just in time for the holidays. Check out this awesome exclusive clip for the film along with other details about it down below!

Klock, who recently starred in Secrets in the Woods, centrally stars in the film. As well, his co-director Mike Capozzi (Emmy Award-Winning ”Dark/Web”) also stars, along with Kyra Kennedy (Red Letters) and Coél Mahal (“Don’t Ask Nancy”). It also brings several more filmmakers together. The film is produced by Klock and Darrell Martinelli, both of Code 3 Films. Executive producers include Philip Snow (The Exceptionals), Danny Draven (Reel Evil), and TERROR FILM’S own Joe Dain. Finally, co-producers consist of Emily Adams (Red Letters) Marcie Klock, and David Decatur. All of these cast and crew members have come together to bring the globe one of this year’s greatest Christmas horror stories.


Synopsis for SLAYED

This film has been described as a cross between Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1979) and Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984). The film is set five years after a Christmas Eve massacre in Harris County, AZ, when a crazed killer returns to a condemned water-treatment plant to terrorize and kill again. Only this time, the lone survivor from that tragic night is waiting to make this Santa-clad monster pay for what he did.


TERROR FILMS is set to release this film exclusively on Amazon Prime, Friday, December 18th. We love a good Christmas horror film and this looks awesome! We hope you check it out and let us know what you think so far!

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