Hallmark Horror Ornaments Coming For 2017!

To some, it may seem a little early to be talking about Christmas (unless you’re this guy). After all, it’s only, what, May? Seems like a long ways away to be talking about getting ready for a holiday in December.

However, a new announcement from Hallmark has us all excited: brand new horror-themed Christmas ornaments, from The Walking Dead to Aliens to The X-Files!

Hallmark has always had a tradition of making awesome Christmas ornaments, but in the last several years their ornament game has been upped substantially. They have everything, from the traditional Christmas fare to intricately-crafted motorcycles to Dug from Pixar’s Up! However, we’re talking about Hallmark here for one specific reason: their horror-based ornaments are cool as hell.

This year, Hallmark has announced four different ornament releases for 2017: Michonne from The Walking Dead; Ellen Ripley (in her awesome Power Loader suit) from Aliens; Mulder and Scully from The X-Files; and Beetlejuice from… well, try and guess.

We gotta say, for a series of holiday ornaments, each one of these new releases has incredible detail put into them – especially Ripley in the Power Suit. Just look at it!

Some horror releases from previous years include Jaws, Frankenstein’s Monster, an Alien xenomorph AND a Predator (just in case you couldn’t choose), Godzilla, and Daryl Dixon.

The new 2017 ornaments are available on July 15th (for Beetlejuice) and October 7th (for the other three) and can be bought on Hallmark’s website. You can view the full collection here!

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Seth is a writer and musician living in Los Angeles. When not explaining to strangers why John Carpenter's The Thing is the greatest horror movie ever made (trust me, it is), he's usually playing violin or hanging out in record store clearance sections. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook!

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