Gripping Drama ‘Just Say Goodbye’ Coming Soon To DVD And Digital

Coming soon to DVD and digital is the drama Just Say Goodbye, the directorial debut of Matt Walting. The film stars Katerina Eichenberger (Brief Candle), Max MacKenzie (Evil Talks: Chilling Confessions TV series), William Galatis (The Second Life 2017), newcomer Jesse Walters, Pamela Jayne Morgan (The Manor 2018), and Olivia Nossiff (A Killer Serve 2015), and will be available on DVD and digital May 10, 2019.

After enduring years of abuse from his alcoholic father and the school bully Chase (Walters), Jesse Peterson (MacKenzie) tells his best friend, Sarah (Eichenberger), that he plans on committing suicide. After promising to tell no one, Sarah finds it upon herself to try to stop him, taking any means necessary.
Check out the trailer below:

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