Gravitas Ventures Releases ‘The Nightmare Gallery’ This Spring

A new film called The Nightmare Gallery is coming from Gravitas Ventures this June. As an indie film distribution company, they’ve released some notable favorites like Jug Face (2013), They Look Like People (2015 – read our review here) and Hell Baby (2013). Their latest, The Nightmare Gallery, is hitting VOD on June 18.

The cast includes Amber Benson (Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series), Kevin Chamberlin (Road to Perdition 2002), Mat Devine (lead singer from Kill Hannah) and Mieko Hillman (Teen Wolf TV series). The film is directed by Gene Blalock and written by Jhan Harp and Rob Stith.

Amber Benson portrays an established anthropology professor investigating the disappearance of one of her most promising students. After uncovering several occult artifacts, the truth she finds is something unspeakable that threatens her on every level.

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Director Gene Blalock added:

This film explores the horrors and heartbreak that build as Amber’s character dives further down the dark rabbit hole of obsession. While we were already fans of Amber’s work on Buffy, we were truly blown away by the raw and brilliant intensity that Amber infused into her character.

For more about The Nightmare Gallery and Gravitas Ventures, click here.


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