Murder Bury Win

Gravitas Ventures Releases New Clip for Comedic Thriller ‘Murder Bury Win’

Check out the newest clip and details for Comedic Thriller Murder Bury Win (check out our review – HERE). This film was written, directed, and produced by Michael Lovan (read out interview with him – HERE). The cast includes Mikelen Walker, Erich Lane, Henry Alexander Kelly, Craig Cackowski, and Brian Slaten.

Synopsis for Murder Bury Win

Three friends have created a board game, MURDER BURY WIN, and they think it has what it takes to become a bestseller on the indie charts. When their attempt to crowdfund fails, a mysterious man makes them an offer: he will publish their game on the condition that he takes credit as the sole creator and owner. After a dispute over the gaming rights leaves them with a body on their hands, the young men realize how suspiciously like murder the freak accident appears. Now, with few options remaining, they look to their game for guidance. The premise of their game? How to murder someone and get rid of the body.

Gravitas Ventures will release this film On Demand beginning April 27. Be sure to check it out. We love this one!

Murder Bury Win

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