A Giant Rampaging Warthog Kills the Vibe of a High School Reunion in SyFy’s ‘Killer High’

High school reunions can be tricky, especially that first ten year reunion. There’s a lot going on that could cause some anxiety. Old flames, old friends, old enemies, and a giant killer warthog…Wait, what? SyFy has never really had a problem with camp, and never let a boring thing like plausibility get in the way. That’s a good thing, and this year’s annual 31 Days of Halloween on SyFy is premiering 5 original films, including Killer High.

SyFy Announces Its 10th Annual “31 Days of Halloween” Schedule

Here’s the synopsis:

Sabrina Swanson, obsessed with putting on the perfect ten-year high school reunion, is forced to team up with her arch nemesis after the school’s mascot morphs into a blood thirsty warthog, threatening the graduates of Wallingham High.

The cast also includes Kacey Rohl (Wayward Pines), Humberly Gonzalez (Orphan Black), Asha Bromfield (Riverdale), Varun Saranga (Wynonna Earp TV series), Kate Ross (Lost Girl), Lauren Collins (Impulse), and Jonathan Langdon (Fat Camp).

Killer High premieres on Syfy on Saturday, October 20th.

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