Ghosts of Darkness Trailer 2017 – March 1st Release Date

Filtering through the recent string of possession flicks has been quite the task, as of late. Anything that is a supernatural film suddenly has an exorcism in it. Well, get ready for the first intense ghost story of 2017. Ghosts of Darkness follows two paranormal investigators who have been given, what seems like, a simple task. Spend three nights in a haunted house and report their findings to their client. Unfortunately, the ghosts will be counting down with them but they won’t be counting down to them leaving the house. No, they will be counting down to them leaving this earth. Check out the terrifying trailer below.

Seems a little Evil Deadish, right? Well, I absolutely loved the remake of that cult classic and have a bit of a fetish for demons. Could this completely tank? There is a high likelihood that it could. However, there is some hope to hold on to. First, they aren’t over-hyping the shit out of it. I don’t even have to watch the upcoming Rings movie to know that it is probably gonna suck just because they have been shoving it in our face every chance they get. A great product will sell itself. Second, Ghosts of Darkness looks pretty gory and it might even stick its demonic little toes in the slasher genre.

Make sure to keep a lookout for our review of Ghosts of Darkness when it releases. Until then, let us know in the comments below how you think this film will pan out. What would you like to see from this film. I’m hoping for an incredibly hard R Rating.

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