'Vlada: A Dracula Tale The Audio Book

Get Your Pledge On With ‘Vlada: A Dracula Tale The Audio Book’

If you love graphic novels, vampires, horror, and beautiful art you’ll want to sink your teeth into all things Vlada: A Dracula Tale. Writer Christopher Denmead is a 13-year radio show host with a knack for telling stories especially when it comes to vampires. Last year he successfully funded a Kickstarter with Ken Hunt (the illustrator) for Vlada and now that a physical copy (you can buy it HERE) is out, he wants to peek more readers’ interest with a Vlada: A Dracula Tale The Audio Book!

Vlada: A Dracula Tale The Audio Book

Synopsis for Vlada: A Dracula Tale

Gender Swapped the Cast of Dracula in a new and unique take on the characters with some new twists

Diana Porter is an award-winning actress and filmmaker and she will be narrating the audiobook, which is incredible. One of the pledges includes a short story, Ressurection of Dracula, which will be narrated by the indie horror sweetheart, Mel Heflin. Then we have the incredibly talented Lito Velasco, who will be composing music for the Kickstarter. As you can see Vlada: A Dracula Tale The Audio Book offers several awesome and affordable pledges ranging from something simple like ‘Thank You’ pledge to copies of the audiobook, package deals with the audiobook/physical copy, artwork, and more!

Vlada: A Dracula Tale The Audio Book

Christopher Denmead is a passionate horror fan who wants to bring more awareness to the beauty and rawness of female vampires and treat them like the queens they are. The Kickstarter just launched and it’s already slaying it. If you would like to help contribute to his audiobook, please do HERE, anything helps!

Vlada: A Dracula Tale The Audio Book

**** If you’re interested in promoting Vlada: A Dracula Tale, please reach out to tori@pophorror.com or chrisdsav@gmail.com Anything from news, interviews, and reviews will help. PDFs can be offered for promotional purposes. Thank you!

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