New Line of Garbage Pail Kids Called ‘Oh, The Horror-ible’ – In Stores Now!

I’m sure like many of you, I grew up with Garbage Pail Kids stickers. It was one of my first introductions to gross horror merchandise. I am not sure why I was drawn to them, perhaps because they were so grotesque and I found them silly and fun. So, what’s the great news for all of us ’80s horror fans? Topps has put out a brand new horror series of the beloved Garbage Pail Kids called Oh, The Horror-ible. Let’s take a closer look!

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The set will feature parodies of everything horror and science fiction. After last year’s successful Halloween set, Topps saw that the horror theme was something GPK fans naturally latched on to. The artists also took the theme to heart. In their excitement over 300 concepts were submitted to Topps for the set. After narrowing it down to 100, Topps is ready for what might be the most anticipated themed GPK set yet.

Topps is making a few changes this time around to the base setup. The complete set consists of 200 cards, made up of 100 new pieces of artwork available in a/b versions. This is up from the previous sets of 180 cards. Once again, the set will be broken into various subsets in horror and science fiction themes. The familiar parallel format returns. All Hobby and Retail packs will contain one Puke (Green) parallel. Fool’s Gold parallels will once again be numbered /50, and are available in all pack types. Also, Bruised (Black), Spit (Blue) /99, and Bloody Nose (Red) /75 parallels will only appear in Collector packs. Collector packs will also contain an insert set called Horror Film Poster Parodies. These are Wacky Packages inspired parodies of famous horror films. Most likely, these will fall one per Collector Box.

Garbage Pail Kids Oh The Horror-ible

Artist autographs and printing plates will continue to be found in all pack types. Hobby and Retail packs will have regular sketches inserted. Collector boxes are once again guaranteed one hit per box, either a shaped sketch, artist auto, printing plate, or patch card. For the first time the die-cut sketches will be available both in the traditional trashcan shape, and the brand new coffin shape. Dual artist panoramic sketch cards which debuted in the 30th anniversary set are no longer mentioned on the sell sheet. Instead a new sketch type called the, “Tryptych”, will debut and be found in Collector packs. This new sketch is a three panel foldout sketch.

Garbage Pail Kids Oh The Horror-ible

These look vile, disgusting and stomach turning… and that’s what I love about them! They definitely satisfy my craving for both horror and nostalgia! They were set to release on September 21st. I took a look around this weekend and haven’t found any yet. Anyone out there going to grab these? Have you found them yet? Let us know below! Be sure to keep it here for at PopHorror for all your news, reviews, interviews and much more!

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