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‘Garbage Pail Kids’ Mobile Game Lands On iOS

Jago Studios this week announced the launch of Garbage Pail Kids: The Game! The card collecting and strategy role playing mobile game is available now on the App Store. Jago Studios developed the game using the Garbage Pail Kids license in an agreement with The Topps Company, Inc. The Game features many memorable characters seen on the Topps Cards throughout the history of the product line.

Read on for all the details!

From The Garbage Pail Kids: The Game Press Release


Garbage Pail Kids, the mischievous and over-the-top 80’s icons, are back and ready to battle! Build a team of your favorite cards with original characters released by Topps in the 1980s and beyond. Fully animated like never before, these wacky kids will fight with everything they’ve got— lasers, spray paint, dance moves, nuclear weapons, and anything they can spit, spew, or hurl.

Collect Your Favorite Cards

Adam Bomb, Tee Vee Stevie, Smelly Sally and the characters you remember are ready to fight. Pick your favorites to build your crew and unlock rare cards as you progress. Learn quirky skills, find bizarre gear, and level up your outrageous team.

Battle Till You Barf

Create the best team of Brawlers, Tanks, and Support to be victorious. Face off against rival squads in turn-based RPG combat. Deploy attacks and abilities like Roy Bot’s Crazy Cannon, Hot Scott’s Piercing Poke, or Brainy Janie’s Mind Meltdown to take out your enemies.

Master Your Strategy

Manage your resources and decide when and how to train your crew. Tactically equip your team and unlock new skills to enhance their power. Bring your strongest squad to battle and upgrade your characters to win as challenges get tougher.

Earn Tons Of Junk

Get a veritable cornuCRAPia of loot when you win fights! Collect junk like the lovely Scumbrella, the slippery Hypodermic Noodle, and the ever-trusty Slap Stick to increase your power. Train and equip your team to become the baddest kids on the block.

Conquer The Arena

Challenge other players and prove your skill in the PVP Chunderdome: Two players enter, one player heaves!  Earn bonus daily rewards and climb the leaderboard to GPK glory.

Garbage Pail Kids: The Game is free-to-play and available now, exclusively on the App Store!

What are you waiting for? Dive in the dumpster, take out the trash, and come play in the wild and crazy GPK universe!

Garbage Pail Kids

Final Thoughts

This is great! I still have binders full of these cards stashed away. I loved collecting them as a kid. It’s such a fun, imaginative series. I can’t wait to download the game and check it out!

What do you think? Are you going to snag this FREE game from the App Store? Tell us in the comments!

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