FX Master Nick Benson Joins ‘The House in the Pines’

FX master Nick Benson is coming on board the new horror film co-directed by Mick Strawn and Jeremy Brown called The House in the Pines. Benson is a veteran of the industry, having provided effects for such films as Tremors, A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, The Blob, and Bride of the Re-Animator.

The House in the Pines

Brown directed Vengeance, while Mick acted as the assistant director and production designer. It will be exciting to see what these two will create when they team up again! Producers of the film include Mario Cerrito III (Human Hibachi 2020 – read our review here), John DiRenzo, and Michael Joy.

Says director Mick Strawn of this newest addition:

Nick is a f*ckin monster! I’ve used him to kill people for 40 years! Love that guy…

Stay tuned to PopHorror for more information on this film as it comes out!

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