Seeing Green

Fun Size Horror Premieres Short Film ‘Seeing Green’

I have some great news for all you horror fans! A group of female filmmaker friends made a short horror comedy film about a cakeshop owner who turns unsuspecting women into a Bridezillas. It’s called Seeing Green and TODAY it premieres as part of Fun Size Horror! Check out the details and my mini-review down below.

Apparently… this 8 minute NSFW romp might make you think twice before putting a ring on it.

Seeing Green

The short was directed by Chelsea Stardust, of Hulu/Blumhouse’s Into The Dark and the upcoming Fangoria film Satanic Panic and written by This Is Us writer Danielle Bauman. It stars Megan Duffy of the Maniac remake and upcoming final season of Showtime’s The Affair.

Seeing Green was written, directed, produced by, and stars all women, including members of the Los Angeles horror community. Other cast members include Vanessa Garcia (MacGuyver, S.W.A.T., CSI), Mackenzie Firgens (Phoenix Lights, RENT, The Hamiltons), Whitton Frank (Murder in the First) and Ben Giroux (Back to the 90s, Will & Grace, Batman vs. TMNT).

Fun Size Horror is a production and distribution platform always on the search for new and exciting films! Fun Size Horror aims to terrify and delight viewers with Original short films that explore horror from every angle, from elevated suspense-thrillers and creature features to hauntings and twisted animations to untapped ideas lurking in our creators’ minds; all made into bite-size pieces. Founded by Mali Elfman, Michael May, and Zeke Pinheiro, like a bag of Halloween candy, Fun Size Horror is exciting, unexpected…and of course, a little dangerous.

Megan Duffy in Seeing Green (2018)
Megan Duffy in Seeing Green (2018)

Review for Seeing Green

So, I decided to check out Seeing Green on Fun Size Horror and it was a total fucking blast. I love horror shorts and it’s not surprising that Chelsea Stardust delivers in all aspects with this one. The perfect horror comedy that will leave you laughing and horrified all at the same time. As someone who recently got married, I found this story incredibly creative and fun.

All of the performances were fanfuckingtastic and I really enjoyed the different personalities for each of the girls. They have great chemistry on-screen and I loved seeing their friendship spiral out of control when unexpected mayhem comes knocking on their door.

Fun Sized Horror may just become one of my new favorite platforms. They have a great selection of horror shorts and it’s very easy to search through the titles. So if you’re looking for a fun horror-comedy with grrl power, check out Seeing Green now!

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