Frolic Pictures Announces Grindhouse Halloween Spooktacular Horror Triple Feature DVDs!

Frolic Pictures sends word that they’ve got 20 new Grindhouse Halloween Spooktacular Triple Features available for your viewing pleasure! These titles are hand-selected by Hollywood exploitation filmmaker Jared Masters (Agalmatophilia 2018). The collection represents a little something for every classic horror fan!

Interested? Of course you are! Read on for all the details!

From The Frolic Pictures Press Release

Frolic Grindhouse Halloween Spooktacular launches classic horror triple feature DVDs

Ghouls! Ghosts! Girls! Spooktober is here, and what better way to celebrate the 31 days of horror than with the newly released triple feature DVDs from Frolic Pictures? 20 new triples should get you through! This very special batch pays tribute to the must-see horror films from the golden age of silent screamers and depression-era staples, packing a potent punch of non-stop scary cinema.

These new triples grind out over 4 hours, continuously, for the perfect Halloween horror show! They’ve got what you need, to put you in that morbid mood. Eerie 20’s silent films, 30’s spook standards, 40’s freak fests, 50’s frights, and some sinister sexploitation cinema of the 1960’s.

Discover a vast array of other fantastic Frolic doubles and triples online, wherever DVDs are sold (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Best Buy, you name it). Hand-selected by the man whose business is B-movies, The Sultan of Sensationalism himself, for a solid and sordid combination of old school horror and juicy exploitation fare.

Frolic’s got Halloween covered. These DVDs provide a great way to experience the sickest season of all. So order them now and discover lost gems, among the muck, in the B-side of cinema!

Super cool!

Frolic Pictures Triple Features

Halloween Spooktacular Triple Feature DVDs Include:

  • Invisible Ghost / VoodooMan / The Phantom Creeps
  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari / The Golem
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde / Nosferatu
  • Face of the Screaming Werewolf / The Wasp Woman / The Bat
  • The Sadist / Daughter of Horror / The Yesterday Machine
  • King of the Zombies /Revolt of the Zombies / Teenage Zombies
  • Atomic Rulers of the World/ Crash of the Moons / Planet Outlaws
  • The Phantom Planet / Killers from Space / Night of the Blood Beast
  • Blood Thirst / The Devil’s Hand / The Ghosts of Hanley House
  • One Body Too Many / The Ghost Walks / Torture Ship
  • Teenagers from Outer Space/ Teenagers Battle The Thing / The Killer Shrews
  • This Is Not a Test / Snow Creature / The Screaming Skull
  • The Monster Maker / The Ape / The Evil Mind
  • The Brain That Wouldn’t Die/ Evil Brain from Outer Space /The Mad Monster
  • Curse of the Aztec Mummy /Sound of Horror / The Atomic Man
  • Alice in Wonderland /20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • The Corpse Vanishes / The Death Kiss / Phantom Ship
  • The Incredible Petrified World / Phantom From Space / Fog Island
  • His Majesty The Scarecrow of Oz / The Lost World / Wolf Blood
  • Sweeney Todd / The Black Raven / The Ghoul

Love it! Titles are available now on Amazon and at other major retailers. Look for them today!

What do you think? Which Grindhouse Halloween Spooktacular Triple Feature are you looking forward to most? Tell us in the comments!

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