friday the 13th utlimate dvd collection

‘Friday the 13th’ Ultimate DVD Collection [DVD with Exclusive Steel Lunchbox]

It’s been 38 years since the release of the first Friday the 13th film, and Jason Voorhees has never looked so good. The people over at FYE have put together an amazing steelbook The new Friday The 13th Ultimate DVD Collection is now available at FYE.

friday the 13th utlimate dvd collection

From FYE’s Robert Firsching, Rovi:

One of the longest-running horror film series began with this gory shocker from director Sean S. Cunningham, who had previously produced Wes Craven’s classic Last House on the Left. Entrepreneur Steve Christie (Peter Brouwer) re-opens Camp Crystal Lake after many years during which it has been cursed by murders and bad luck. The young and nubile counselors all begin to die extremely bloody deaths at the hands of an unseen killer during a rainstorm which isolates the camp. A woman is chopped in the face with an axe, another has her throat sliced in amazingly gruesome fashion, a male counselor (Harry Crosby) is pinned to a door with arrows, and a young Kevin Bacon has an arrow shoved through his throat from below a bed.

Victor Miller’s script is not particularly impressive, but Cunningham’s tense direction, and some remarkable special-effects by acclaimed makeup artist Tom Savini, are enough to make it worthwhile. 1950s quiz show regular Betsy Palmer appears as the cook whose son, Jason (Ari Lehman), drowned 25 years earlier while being neglected by romancing counselors. Palmer was reportedly cast because she was willing to drive her own car to and from the set. Trivia buffs should note the decapitation scene near the end, in which the female killer exhibits rather hirsute hands clutching at the air. The hands belong to Savini’s assistant, Taso N. Stavrakis. Friday the 13th made nearly 40 million dollars at the box office and spawned numerous sequels.

You can pick up the ‘Friday the 13th’ Ultimate DVD Collection for $29.99 exclusively at FYE (Click Here).

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