Freddy Krueger
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One, Two, Freddy’s Got A Custom Shoe!

Nike’s been making a lot of headlines lately with all the hub-bub surrounding their pulled Besty Ross flag shoe. The decision upset some, and sparked others to applaud. One thing’s for sure: their stock is soaring, and the shoe and apparel giant isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Suffice it to say, their fan base is hard core. And one of these hard core fans really enjoys customizing shoes! What does that mean to you, dear horror fan? It means you can feast your eyes on one badass customization job…Freddy Krueger style!

Check it out!

Freddy Krueger Custom Nike

“I’m Your Nike Now, Nancy…”

The basis for the customs? A pair of Kyrie 5’s. The artist? A guy named Jeff from Detroit, Michigan. His work is featured proudly on his Instagram page here. According to his bio…

Nike basketball if you ever come across my page I’m looking for work ? I’ll fly out to Portland ASAP. Dm me about custom inquiries.

Final Thoughts

Cool stuff! Dude does some amazing work. I didn’t scroll through all of his customs, but I’m wondering if there’s a Friday the 13th pair in there somewhere? That would be killer!

What do you think? Do you get a kick out of these Freddy Krueger custom Nikes? What custom would you like to see Jeff from Detroit tackle next? Tell us in the comments!

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