The Corruption of Divine Providence
Credit: White Bear Films

First Look At The Poster For Jeremy Torrie’s ‘The Corruption of Divine Providence’

Vortex Media announced the premiere of Jeremy Torrie’s award-winning The Corruption of Divine Providence, check out the poster reveal and other details about the film! Set in the harvest months of the western Canadian prairies, the film explores what happens when a messenger from God tests the character of humanity. A dual-language (English/French) feature-length film The Corruption of Divine Providence is darkly comic in tone featuring saints, sinners, crop circles, and salamanders. The dramatic thriller was filmed in Manitoba and features an all-star cast including Ali Skovbye (Firefly Lane), Elyse Levesque (Ready or Not), David La Haye (Bad Blood), Tantoo Cardinal (Stumptown), Corey Sevier (Immortals), Eugene Brave Rock (Wonder Woman) and Paul Amos (Assassin’s Creed).

The Corruption of Divine Providence has been nominated for multiple awards on the international film festival circuit including the Nice International Film Festival, the Whistler Film Festival, the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, and the Canadian Film Festival, and the film recently won “Best International Narrative Feature” at the Garden State Film Festival in New Jersey and Best Foreign Feature Film at the Bare Bones Film Festival. Its two lead actors Ali Skovbye and Elyse Levesque were selected as “Stars to Watch” at the 2020 Whistler International Film Festival where the film was workshopped in 2016 in its development process.

Synopsis for The Corruption of Divine Providence 

Division and discontent roil beneath the surface of the seemingly peaceful bilingual farm community of St-Michel, Manitoba. When the troubled teenager Jeanne Séraphin (Skovbye) is nearly killed by mysterious bleeding, the news triggers a frenzy of worship from people looking for a miracle. The Catholic Church, Dakota Elders, and an American Pentecostal preacher all vie for access to the young woman, seizing on her suffering to validate their beliefs. For Jeanne’s father Louis (La Haye), a Métis bar owner ashamed of his heritage – her ordeal is an opportunity to cash in and gain the town’s respect. Jeanne’s mother Danielle (Levesque) questions her marriage, her choices, and the existence of God altogether, plunging further into despair when the teen is abducted. But a sage mystic appears, rescues Jeanne from a fallen angel, and makes sense of the strange phenomena that surround her. Jeanne’s message that divinity can coexist with mortal sins quickly separates true believers from false prophets.

The Corruption of Divine Providence
Credit: White Bear Films

“Torrie has directed a surprisingly slick thriller, with some scenes that even reference THE EXORCIST. A truly original piece of cinematic exploration that asks the question: is religion there to console and offer hope? Or can it be used to beguile, manipulate and seduce? In this version, maybe only a sixteen-year-old Métis woman can tell the difference.”

— Paul Gratton, Director of Programming at the Whistler Film Festival

The Corruption of Divine Providence was directed by Jeremy Torrie and produced by Tanya Brunel and Jeremy Torrie of White Bear Films and is being distributed by Vortex Media in English Canada and Filmoption International in French Canada. It was made possible with the support of Telefilm Canada, The Canada Media Fund, The Indigenous Screen Office, Manitoba Film & Music, Hollywood Suite, APTN, and Filmoption International. The film debuts on VOD/EST on May 25th, 2021 across Canada.

The Corruption of Divine Providence

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