First Look At David Palmieri’s ‘Heart of the Home’ (2020) Movie

Roommates can be incredible money savers. Someone with whom to split the monthly rent or mortgage payment? Cutting costs of utility bills? Increasing your savings account balance? While incredibly tempting, especially with rising cost of living, taking on a roommate does not come without risk. Less privacy is one thing. Trapping yourself in a lease with someone with sinister intentions is a whole other ball game. The newly released sneak peek of upcoming indie horror, Heart of the Home, exemplifies exactly why you should take extreme caution when vetting housemates.

Directed and co-produced by David Palmieri (Snake Club: Revenge Of The Snake Woman 2013) and starring the film’s executive producer, Elisabeth Steen-Nokleberg (Rideshare (2018) – read our review here), Heart of the Home is a nightmare loosely based on true events. When Natalie (Steen-Nokleberg) takes on a new roommate named Miko (Mia Ando: The Catcher 2016), a disturbing turn of events unfold. Miko is a private person to the point of raising questions, and Natalie begins to question whom she welcomed into her home. However, if the trailer is any indication, Miko has made this her domain and does not plan on leaving any time soon … or peacefully, for that matter.

The simple fact that Heart of the Home is a realistic horror based on true events, my curiosity is already piqued. Throw in some mystery, gruesome practical effects, a trailer full of frame-by-frame intensity all depicted in this exhilarating trailer, and I am sold. With so much to engage my horrific curiosity, I cannot wait to see this soon-to-be released, suspenseful thrill-ride.

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