Find Out More About Douglas A. Ewen’s Sci-Fi Thriller, ‘Pardon My Fancy’

In the future, the human race has become the inferior one. The powers that be decide to test one damaged woman to see if she can prove to the world, through an observant android named Model RU – 1010, that humans should be the ones to build the world back up. That’s the premise to Filmmaker Douglas upcoming film, Pardon My Fancy, starring Circus Of The Dead’s Bill Oberst, Jr. (read our interviews with him here and here), Natalia Kargbo, and Sarah Beaudin.

Check out the teaser trailer below and read on for more details!

Pardon My Fancy’s synopsis:

To determine if the human race is worth saving, a young woman plagued by OCD must undergo a series of tests as the last remaining human on earth. Well, at least she thinks she is.

From the press release:

The film is titled Pardon My Fancy and it is written and directed by Douglas A. Ewen. Produced by 180 Sisterhood and Ewen Productions.
Pardon My Fancy is a science fiction psychological horror film that looks into the idea that every time you introduce someone or something new into your life, it immediately becomes more complicated.
The film takes place in a distant future, where time is no longer relevant and humans are known to be an inferior species. A soldier, Eve (played by Sarah Beaudin: ABC’s of Death, Paranormal Witness), from The Free States (Sector FS – 2098) is joined by a hauntingly violent observation droid, Model RU – 1010 (played by Natalia Kargbo: The Woods That Made Me, International Model) from Sector RU – 2023 (Old Russia) and together they try to find a way to bring back the human race to superiority.
Model RU – 1010 wakes up 800 human years later, where The Warden (played by Bill Oberst Jr) observes her memories and reports to see if the mission on Sector FS – 2098 was successful. Trapped in her own data drive and the conscious of the last remaining human on earth, Model – 1010 must struggle with the pain of finding her own mortality, putting her faith in the new gods, and remembering what exactly happened in Sector FS – 2098.
Pardon My Fancy is not quite finished, and the crew needs your help to make this film happen. Take a look at the film’s IndieGoGo campaign to find out how you can help.

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