Final Destination Creator Sells Pilot of Technology Horror ‘The Feed’

Anyone who has spent enough time on social media nowadays knows there is no shortage of hatred that festers when differing opinions collide. In a world where everyone is connected online 24/7 and armed with their biased opinions, there is no better way to create New World scares than by developing a demon that thrives on the vile hatred that spews from those opinionated souls clogging the internet. This is the premise for Jeffrey Riddick’s new TV pilot called The Feed.

EW announced yesterday that Jeffrey Reddick, the creator of Final Destination, sold The Feed to Hood River Entertainment’s producer, Andrew van den Houten. Known for producing features such as Lucky McKee’s All Cheerleaders Die (2013) and The Woman (2011), as well as his own film, Headspace (2005), Houten is no stranger to the horror genre. Helping to produce this project is Andy Steinman who has worked on projects such as Saw (2004) and several episodes of Scream: The TV Series (2015).

“I’m excited to work with Andrew van den Houten because he’s a producer who’s not afraid of peering at the dark underbelly of society,” said Reddick.

An original idea developed by Roy Crabaugh, The Feed will depict a demon that grows from the fear and hatred expressed online while using technology to manipulate and torture its victims. The creator plans for this unique story to be more than a demon driven series by exploring American culture and various divisive social issues encountered in today’s society.

Written and developed by Reddick and Stephen Twardokus, this new series will be an interconnected anthology similar to American Horror Story. Season 1 will explore modern racial issues centering around an African-American family as the demon infiltrates their smart house. In season 2, the demon will wreak havoc on a middle-class Christian family and their beliefs. Currently awaiting filming, The Feed is something horror fans of Get Out (2017) and the Netflix series Black Mirror should keep high on their radar.

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