Filmmakers Mick Strawn And Jeremy Brown Teaming Up For ‘The House In The Pines’

Mick Strawn (Blade, The Hidden) and Jeremy Brown (Up All Night) are teaming up to direct the upcoming horror film, The House in the Pines. Both are coming off the success of the success of the fan film, Friday the 13th: Vengeance, which has had an amazing 1.2 million views!

Brown directed Vengeance, while Mick acted as the assistant director and production designer. It will be exciting to see what these two will create when teamed up again! Producers of the film include Mario Cerrito III (Human Hibachi 2020 – read our review here), John DiRenzo, and Michael Joy.

Says Writer/Producer Mario Cerrito.

“Having someone like Mick Strawn come on this film as the director speaks volumes. Mick has done work on the biggest horror films in history. Also, with the chemistry Co-Director Jeremy Brown and Mick possessed on Vengeance, I can only imagine how great it’s going to be on this movie.” 

Stay tuned to PopHorror for more information on this film as it comes out!

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