Bad CGI Sharks is brimming with goofs, movie references, and warmth.

Film Stills From ‘Bad CGI Sharks,’ Now Acquired By SRS Cinema

Yes, you read that right. There’s a movie out there that’s not only about bad CGI sharks, but it’s even called Bad CGI Sharks. We shared the movie trailer with you guys a bit ago, and now we found out that you can actually see this amazing piece of cinematic history this summer through the distribution company, SRS Cinema. You might recognize that name, since these were the same folks who released House Shark (what is with these guys and sharks?!?). It may sound ridiculous, but admit it… you want to see this film.

Synopsis For Bad CGI Sharks:

Two estranged brothers are brought back together when a script they’re writing comes to life and sends a poorly rendered digital shark to hunt them down in this meta take on the sharksploitation genre.

Here’s a few movie stills to help get your shark on!

If there ever was a need to use the word “sharksploitation,” this is it. Bad CGI Sharks was written, directed and stars the trio of debuting filmmakers who call themselves MaJaMa Productions – Matteo Molinari and brothers Jason Ellsworth and Matthew Ellsworth. They promise “side-splitting humor, plenty of gore and great action.” We certainly can’t wait to find out if this is true! Keep it tuned to PopHorror for updated on Bad CGI Sharks, as well as all of your horror news, review and interviews!

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