Festival Favorite ‘Echoes of Fear’ (2018) Finally Gets A Wide-Scale Blu-ray Release

Brian and Laurence Avenet-Bradley’s 2018 supernatural thriller, Echoes of Fear (read our review here), is a massive favorite here at PopHorror. Tori Danielle Romero and I had the extreme pleasure of attending the film’s east coast premiere at the 2018 Women in Horror Film Festival in Peachtree City, Georgia. It was met with a tremendously positive response, and went on to bring home the award for Best Feature. After a highly successful festival run, where it took home Best Feature honors 7 times, the film had a limited theatrical release on the big screen in October of 2019 and landed on digital platforms in January of 2020.

Some of the many festival laurels and accolades Echoes of Fear has garnered
Some of the many festival laurels and accolades Echoes of Fear has garnered. 7 Best Feature Awards in total

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For us lovers of physical media, Echoes of Fear did get a limited Blu-ray run as the monthly exclusive for HorrorPack subscribers in the month of November 2019. Now, at long last, in collaboration with HorrorPack, the film is finally getting the wide-scale general release it so richly deserves. People everywhere can finally see this dazzlingly exceptional chiller for themselves.

Brand new cover art for the general release version of Echoes of Fear
Brand new cover art for the general release version of Echoes of Fear

The general release will have different artwork from the HorrorPack limited edition. In addition to the full feature film, the Blu-ray will also come loaded with a slew of cool bonus features, including: the red band theatrical trailer; a super cool 55 minute behind-the-scenes featurette from the haunted house in the film with director Brian Avenet-Bradley, co-director Laurence “Lo” Avenet-Bradley, stars Trista Robinson, Hannah Race, Elif Savas, and Danilo Di Julio, makeup and Fx artist Renae Goodhew, composer Benedikt Brydern, and Iryna Kucherenko, who handled production sound; a filmmaker profile for Lo; and a 20 minute Q & A segment collecting footage from it’s many festival screenings.

Technically, the Blu-ray did already have its general public release on March 20th. But with the current COVID-19 catastrophe having massively affected all our lives and slowing things down, many of the stores and sites didn’t initially have them in stock or ready to ship in March. But we’re very happy to report that as of the moment this article going to press (Fri, April 3rd), the Blu-ray is currently in stock and shipping now from all your favorite online retailers, including Amazon, Target, and Best Buy.

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The coronavirus epidemic has also temporarily postponed a big signing event with the cast and crew at Burbank’s own Dark Delicacies. Originally scheduled for Sunday, March 29th, the signing event is currently re-scheduled for May 16th at 4:00pm. For those unable to attend, you will be able to order autographed copies of the film at the Dark Delicacies website here that will be delivered straight to you. You can also keep up with any further changes or postponements of the signing event at the Dark Delicacies website, and we’ll also try to pass those changes along to you as we’re made aware of them.

The reverse side artwork for the general release of Echoes of Fear
The reverse artwork for the general release of Echoes of Fear

Regardless of all the uncertainties in our world right now, Echoes of Fear is, without a doubt, one of the finest indie horror thrillers in years, and it IS finally coming to Blu-ray! Get yours today!

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