Fearhouse360 Launches Immersive Horror Video Experience

FEARHOUSE360 is a new horror experience in 360 video that brings the haunted house to you. If you want to feel surrounded by terror this Halloween, this will be right up your alley! Bonus: if you’ve got some VR glasses laying around collecting dust, this is an excellent way to put them to good use!

Check out the “what’s this about” video below, then read on for all the details.

From The FEARHOUSE360 Press Release

Calling all fright fans and horror enthusiasts, this Halloween add FEARHOUSE360 to your watch list. Brought to you by content creators Channel B4 and Doctored Pictures this three part haunt is now available for streaming on Vimeo Video On Demand. Grab your phone or tablet* and drop inside the winding halls of Klunch Manor for a first person journey into certain darkness with Frau Klunch and her entourage of twisted characters.

(* laptop/desktop use also supported)

“We were inspired by cult classics like Ken Russel’s Gothic and The Rocky Horror Picture Show – stylish, eerie and of course, a touch campy,” says Stacy Dawson Stearns, a lead creative on the team (who also inhabits the role of Frau Klunch). Stearns developed persona Klunch in the 90’s, performing in the downtown drag scene of NYC. Stearns states, “Frau is a little demanding, a little dark, and definitely starving for your… attention.”

FEARHOUSE360 features a distinct combination of live action performance, animation, and puppetry. Within the walls of the manor, viewers engage with 24 performers in intimate and shocking encounters. This performance driven environment offers that human touch you experience in a traditional haunted house; even if the humans in question are hungry ghosts, demons, or killer clowns.

The first Stave or chapter is now available for streaming with the following two being released during the lead up to Halloween. Rent the entire series now for $5.99 and stream all three Staves (Plus bonus materials!) throughout the Haunting Season and beyond.

Here’s a trailer from the first episode!

Final Thoughts

Looks neat! I may need to dig out my (barely used) VR glasses and give this a spin. Can’t really beat it for $5.99. Looks like a fun time!

What do you think? Are you ready for a 360 horror video experience? Tell us in the comments!

Oh, and if you’re looking for more info, the official poster and a link to their website is below.


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